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Since I post articles based on what interests or amuses me, I’m following up a humorous idea by Bloomberg Business The United States of Google: An Autocomplete Atlas. 

I decided to type the name of Canada’s provinces and territories to see what people frequently asked about them.

“As Google says:

Autocomplete predictions are algorithmically determined based on a number of factors (including popularity of search terms) without any human intervention. Just like the web, the search queries presented may include silly or strange or surprising terms and phrases. While we always strive to reflect the diversity of content on the web (some good, some objectionable), we also apply a narrow set of removal policies for things like pornography, violence, hate speech, and terms that are frequently used to find content that infringes copyrights.”


Based on the results, I’m hoping some of these search terms are from non-Canadians or the Canadian school system has a lot to answer for.



Is British Columbia a state? [Uhhhh…. no.]

Is British Columbia part of Britain? [Is it the name?!?]



Is Alberta rat free? [Ummm… this is the #1 google question about Alberta?]

Is Alberta an expensive play to live? [This question seems to contrast with the rat question…]



Is Saskatchewan flat? [Sure, but she’s got a great personality! Drum roll.]

Is Saskatchewan below sea level? [Umm…?]



Is Manitoba a province? [I bet even people in Manitoba ask that question…]

Is Manitoba bigger than Germany? [Umm…?]



Is Ontario broke? [It’s not rich!]

Is Ontario a have not province? [Actually, yes, “the national (all-province) average of per capita fiscal revenues exceeds Ontario’s, making Ontario a “have-not” province – a recipient of money for equalization purposes.” How the great have fallen.]



Is Quebec different from the rest of Canada? [Define “different”.]

Is Quebec a part of Canada? [So far!]

Is Quebec a nation? [I see a theme here…]



Is Newfoundland an island? [Sometimes.]

Is Newfoundland in Europe? […]



Is Nova Scotia haunted? [Hauntings appear to be a big deal in Nova Scotia.]

Is Nova Scotia a good place to live? [You have to wonder with that last question.]



Is New Brunswick in the maritimes? [Actually not a bad question.  Do you know how many provinces are in the maritimes and which ones?]

Is New Brunswick in Ontario? [Seems an odd question when they’re not even beside Ontario.]



Is Prince Edward Island a province? [This seems a common question for all provinces and territories and scary if Canadians are asking this!]

Is Prince Edward Island dangerous? [Dave Rossiter, the provincial fire marshal for P.E.I. says Deep-frying turkey can be dangerous]



Is Yukon territory part of Canada? [Yes.]

Is Yukon men fake? [Yes.]

Is Yukon gold fake? [Yes.]



What is Northwest Territories known for? [I’m not sure but Northwest Territories has the highest median income of all the Canadian provinces/territories.]

Is Northwest Territories a part of Canada? [Since like forever!]



Is Nunavut cold? [Colder than a witches…]

Does Nunavut have trees? [It’s not THAT cold.]



Is Canadian an ethnicity? [Totally, eh!]

Is Canadian bacon just ham? [That’s a Canadian secret!]

Is Canadian ketchup sweeter? [You can’t imagine!]

Is Canadian beer better than American? [Of course!]

Is Canadian gas better than American? [Everything is better up here!]


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