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2013 Personal Income Tax Questionnaire – Intro

Published On January 1, 2014 | By Joseph (Ken) | 2013 Tax Time Questionaire, Personal tax

Happy New Year!  And like the card section of the local Shoppers Drug Mart already planning for Valentine’s Day, I have already began planning for the 2014 tax season.

The start of planning is the mailing of a 2013 PERSONAL INCOME TAX QUESTIONNAIRE to my clients.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to both ensure any changes to their tax status since 2012 are reported and to ensure that they maximize any deductions available to them.

I decided to cover the questionnaire in detail over the next few weeks by doing an article on each of the 11 questions and explaining the importance of that question.

Today’s article just summarizes the questionnaire to give you an idea of the content of the next 11 articles.  As I post the articles I will update the questions so that they link to their corresponding article.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me at or post a comment below. 

1)    Did you move during 2013?   

2)    Did your marital status change during 2013?   

3)    Did you have any new children in 2013?   

4)    Do you have a business ?  

5)    Do you have rental properties?

6)    Are you claiming expenses related to earning employment income?

7)    Will you be claiming medical expenses?

8)    Are you a student?

9)    Are you or is someone you care for disabled?

10)  Did you sell any investments or property in 2013?

11)  Do you collect Old Age Security?

Each question is worthy of an article due to its potential complexity. There is no simple answer, as with every answer comes another question, and so in each article I will try answer the most common questions and give readers an idea of what they might need to consider.

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